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P.O.R.G.I.E. Puppy Teaching

Positive reinforcement, clicker teaching and kindergarten puppy classes help people and dogs live with mutual trust and respect.

Please notice that we use the word TEACH rather than TRAIN.  DOG TRAINING has always seemed to focus on ways to punish a dog.  We would like to change your way of viewing how to interact with "your best friend."  We will begin by changing the words PUPPY TRAINING and DOG TRAINING  to PUPPY TEACHING and DOG TEACHING. Words carry power.  Let's remove DOG TRAINING from our vocabulary.  Instead of trying to TRAIN the dog, let's think about TEACHING the dog instead.  TEACHING with positive reinforcement and clickers respects the dog's brain as a learning tool.  I'll be your instructor, you'll be the dog's teacher and we'll leave the dog TRAINING to the military!

Linda Goodman - Joe Findeis

1045 Main St.  Ste. 103   Riverside, CA  92501    Ph 951.784.9070

Be sure to check out our store at   www.porgienaturalhealth.com

Updated 06/14/2006

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