Pet Ownership Requires Getting

Informed and Educated

Providing a Holistic Approach for Teaching Dogs and Their People

Pet Ownership Requires Getting

Informed and Educated

Providing a Holistic Approach for Teaching Dogs and Owners

Using Positive, Compassionate Methods for Teaching Dogs

P.O.R.G.I.E. Puppy Teaching and Natural Health in Riverside, California offers kindergarten puppy teaching to help dogs and their people live with mutual trust and respect. We use a holistic approach based on positive reinforcement and clicker teaching, that respects the dogs and treats them as a student willing to learn.


Teaching, Not Training

We believe that dog training has always seemed to focus on ways to punish a dog. Words carry power, so to help change your way of viewing your interactions with your dog, we use the word “teach” instead of “train” in our offers. Instead of trying to train your pup, you can change your perspective and see it as a way to teach your dog. Let’s leave the tough dog “training” to the military, and treat our furry friends with love.

Respecting Dogs and Humans Alike

At P.O.R.G.I.E., we use a unique approach to teaching dogs and their people. We never use choke chains, pinch collars, electric shock or punishment. Instead, we use positive reinforcement when they get it right and denial, of reward, when they get it wrong. In that way, we create a relationship based on mutual trust and respect between the dog and his person. Here, youwill learn to understand and respect your dog’s point of view.

Our Kind, Dog-Loving Founder

Linda Goodman was born in Stratford, Connecticut and has been passionate about dogs her entire life. Linda's first puppy was a Labrador crossbreed whom she named Midnite. After graduating from the University of Connecticut and moving to Schenectady, New York, she acquired another dog named Porgy. When she moved to California, she brought Porgy with her and they formed a special friendship.


A Kind and Benevolent Heart That Cares for Dogs

After many years of friendship, Porgy died in 1983, which broke Linda’s heart. To ease the pain she felt, she became a member of the board of directors for the West End Shelter for Animals in Ontario, California. There, she learned a lot about animal care and behavior. During her time on the board of directors, she coordinated volunteer programs, pet adoption and bereavement counseling, and pet visits to hospitals and homes.

Linda has cared for and taught dogs for most of her life. She has traveled to different places just to consult with and learn from excellent veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and humane groups.

Sharing Her Knowledge to All Dog Owners

In 1986, Linda established P.O.R.G.I.E.. in memory of her best friend and teacher, Porgy. She now has her own enclosed teaching center. Her unique and compassionate methods for teaching dogs and their people have been applauded by professionals and dog lovers. She has actually shared her knowledge with a lot of people through her book, “Just Say “Good Dog””.

Linda continues to advocate for her beliefs in dog teaching in her other responsibilities. She is currently a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA).

Our Services

Pet Bereavement Counseling

After having experienced the loss of several of her furry friends, Linda can empathize with those whose dogs have passed away. She offers support and is a great listener for people experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.


All classes are taught at her facility and are limited in size to ensure individual attention for each dog and person. The minimum age for dog handlers is 12, but all family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Proof of your pet’s vaccination is required for you to be able to attend the classes.


Kindergarten Puppy Teaching

This is a five-week course for puppies that are 7 weeks to 4 months old, which is the best age for them to attend classes since they learn quickly during this time. The class includes the following lessons:.

      Off-Leash Teaching:
      Simple Commands (Sit, Walk, Down, Stay, Come, and Off)
    • Learning About Dogs’ Behavior
    • House Soiling
    • Barking
    • Biting
    • Chewing
    • Digging
    • Jumping
    • How to Use Clickers
    • Nutrition
    • Guidance
    • Socialization

    Learning begins the instant you bring your puppy home. Start out right and you won't waste time unteaching bad habits in the future through this service.

    Private Instruction

    This is for dogs that are 5 months old or older. This requires at least 2-4 one-hour sessions (by appointment) at the teaching center with the family. In this service, you will learn how to teach your dog using clickers. All behavioral issues experienced with your furry companion will be addressed as well.

    Graduate Class

    This involves a four-week course for dogs that are graduates of P.O.R.G.I.E. classes. Here, you will learn to use off-leash commands, increase the reliability of your dog’s behavior, and have fun teaching using clickers and treats. The lessons taught here are enjoyable for both people and their dogs.


    Anger Management for Aggressive Dogs

    Here, you will learn how to manage aggressive dogs. You will be taught what to do when your furry friend is being out of control and unpredictable. A dog’s aggression cannot be cured, but it can be managed when you know how to handle it. Here are a few reasons why your dog is being aggressive

    • Fear – When they are afraid, some dogs respond by baring their teeth and sometimes even attacking
    • Frustration – When a dog is being frantic and pulling the leash, it can be a sign of frustration
    • Territoriality – Chasing away intruders is instinctive for dogs. They might act aggressive when protecting their territory.
    • Redirected Aggression – When a dog cannot get to a targeted individual, they might become hostile and attack anything or anyone near.
    • Pain Elicited Aggression – When in pain, a dog may lash out as a sign of defense.

    Learn new ways to relate to your dog and calm them down using positive reinforcement. Join our classes to learn more.

    Let Us Teach You and Your Dog

    Jumpstart your positive relationship with your dog through our classes today. Contact us for more information about our holistic methods in managing your furry companion.